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protected cove on the Oregon Coast
Steward's Trail Mix

What Every Mermaid Stashes in their Cove.

Whoa! My blog post about Nessie prompted all kinds of fan mail! You really want to know about how other cryptids PlayCleanGo! Happy to oblige. This weekend I took my

Group of friends hiking in nature. Young black man lead the group.
Tina Casagrand

National Trails System Act Anniversary

Fifty-three years ago, citizens and legislators who care about outdoor spaces saw the National Trails System Act signed into law. “National historic trails recognize original trails or routes of travel

Tina Casagrand

Boot Brush Stations: Are They Effective?

Does the simple act of swiping your feet in one of these boot brushes actually accomplish anything? And if installed, will people actually use them? A research project gets to the bottom of boot brush stations.

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