Braving the Cave

Are you brave enough to repel down into a cave? I’ll admit it: I’m not. Seems cool though.

Before you descend, make sure your gear is clean and has been decontaminated. You’ll be helping protect the health of North American bats.

Invasive Species Prevention Tips for Cavers and Spelunkers

  • Start the day with clean shoes by using the PlayCleanGo handheld boot brush and clean clothes
  • Before leaving scrape off dirt and debris from anything that touched the ground, wall, or other surfaces and, if possible, place in plastic bags.
  • Wash hands, clothes, footwear, and anything else that may have touched the ground, wall, or other surfaces and wash as soon as possible with hot water and soap.

See you back above ground!

PlayCleanGo’s Official Spokescreature

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