How Outdoor Professionals Can Help Prevent the Spread of Invasive Species
woman and child walk in woodland carrying butterfly nets

Outdoor professionals can help prevent the spread of invasive species. Check out how their efforts help protect our natural landscapes!

If you’re an interpreter, you get to learn as much as you can from scientists and interpret it for learners of all ages. When it comes to outdoor education, chances are you’ve designed curricula that’s checked some boxes:

  • hands-on?
  • experience-based?
  • walking trails?
  • visiting ponds?

This sounding familiar?

Every movement you make as an interpreter is an opportunity to educate people on preventing the spread of invasive species.

Stop at boot brushes before you hike

Visitors could be tracking weed seeds from other parks or even their own back yard! Hopefully your local nature area has one of the North American Invasive Species Management Association’s (NAISMA) PlayCleanGo Boot Brush Stations on site. Make sure and stop there before you start your hike and leave the weed seeds at the station.

If you don’t have a boot brush installed, consider ordering some PlayCleanGo handheld boot brushes to pass out at the trailhead. It will intellectually engage visitors on the idea that their movements have an impact.

Brush up on Invasives 101 and your local invasive species

Learn more about the North American view of invasive species from us here at PlayCleanGo. You might also consider learning about 2-3 local species and their biological story. Good places to learn about invasive species include your local university extension, a state weed or pest council, or your local weed district if your state has one.

Share PlayCleanGo outreach material

NAISMA offers free invasive species education materials make it easier to tell your followers about invasive species. You can share videos, posters, fliers, and more. 

Want even more? Join PlayCleanGo as a partner and you’ll get access to more than 300+ items in our partners-only graphic library.

To keep the education going off-site, download and schedule your invasive species outreach on web and social media! You can also follow PlayCleanGo on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and easily reshare the posts we have there.

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