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Bigfoot creature wears yellow-orange bandanna and fisher's cap, carrying a lime green fishing pole. In the background is a mountain lake with tall spruce trees.

Not to brag, but in my days I have caught (or very nearly caught) some very big fish. One was as big as my footprint. One time on a mountain lake I spent two hours wrestling the lines and finally gave up. The fish jumped out of the water after it broke away, and it covered the whole peak behind it.

Fishing lakeside is cool, but you get the biggest fish and some of the best fish stories when you take out a boat. Grab these “top secrets to finding the best fishing spots on vacation” from the National Marine Manufacturers Association to find out more.

Wherever you go, remember what our PlayCleanGo fishing tips say! When you keep fish and other organisms contained in the body of water where you caught them, you’re helping keep those species localized. If you use shammy towels and hot water to clean your vessels, gear, and clothes, you’re way less likely to add to invasive species problems.

PlayCleanGo invasive species tips are based on science. My fish tales? You’ll just have to trust me.

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