Understanding Invasive Species: What Can I Do To Stop the Spread of Invasive Species?
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PlayCleanGo! Play in the outdoors, then Clean your gear before you Go to your next adventure.

To give invasive species the brush off, clean your boots, gear, boat, tires, and any other equipment you use outdoors before you leave the trail or boat landing to remove insects and plant parts that may spread invasive species to new places.

When camping, buy firewood near your campsite (within 30 miles) instead of bringing your own from home, and leave any extra for the next campers. Insects and plants can easily hitch a ride on firewood you haul to or from a campsite—you could inadvertently introduce an invasive to a new area. Learn more at Don’t Move Firewood.

When gardening, plant native plants and remove any invasive plants in your garden. There are many good native plant alternatives to common exotic ornamental plants.

You can also learn to identify invasive species in your area, and report any sightings to your county extension agent, local land manager, or EDDMapS.

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