Oh, The Places You’ll Bike
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Oh hi there! Isn’t it a gorgeous day for mountain biking? I’m excited to try a new singletrack I’ve been hearing so much about. Plenty of challenging sections, I guess, but hopefully it’s not too technical. I want the rush, but I don’t need another crash & burn story. 

Last summer, a few of us did a little cross-country style biking that led us through some of the most beautiful parts of the province. Man, that was fun. I met folks from all over and most of them were beginners like me. Long story short, I tried catching some air over a fallen tree branch but clipped it with my back tire and WHAM! I bit the dust. Nothing serious, thankfully, but super happy I was wearing my helmet. 

That little tumble was also a wakeup call for me about spreading invasive seeds. Those buggers like to cling to clothes, gear, and even parts of your bike. Did you know invasive species can outcompete native species for food and habitat or worse? So, before hopping back on, I removed a handful of quarter-sized burrs and dusted myself off really well. 

Spray Down Your Bike! on right in white text on tangerine color; on left is image of a bike being sprayed by a hose

Another good habit is to thoroughly clean your bike after all expeditions. Hose it down with water and/or compressed air. Beyond keeping everything in good working condition, you help minimize, even eliminate the spread of invasives. Makes sense, right? I mean, one day you’re conquering a wooded trail, the next, you’re zooming through wide open terrain. You never know what’s hitchin’ a ride.

Happy mountain biking!

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