Simply Un-burr-able: How to Use the Burr Paw to Stop the Spread of Invasive Species
brown dog turns to bite burrs of shoulder

We can keep invasive species localized by cleaning up at the end of every adventure. One great tool to help you do that is the Burr Paw! The Burr Paw is a mitt worn on either hand that easily removes stubborn stickers and burrs. You get a PlayCleanGo-branded Burr Paw Sticker Remover here.

A brown dog turns its head to pick at burrs on its shoulder.

If seeds like to stick to it, the Burr Paw can remove them from it! Use it on:

  • Clothing
  • Hiking gear
  • Pets
  • Your friends’ clothing, hiking gear, and pets
  • Picnic blankets 
  • Car seats
  • The list goes on!
A Burr Paw sticker remover is used on a camouflage sleeve.

To use the Burr Paw on clothing or gear, put it on your hand and simply sweep it across all materials and irregularly shaped surfaces. Voila! Burrs be gone. You use the same simple method on your horses and dogs, except this is called “petting,” and it doubles as a bonding activity! 

When the Burr Paw makes contact with the burrs they will then stick to the mitt. To stop the spread of invasive species we suggest cleaning the Burr Paw over a trash can, or an area where the seeds or burrs can be disposed of properly. 

To clean the Burr Paw after using it on small burrs, such as stick-tights or houndstongue, simply rub it together as if rubbing out a stain. For bigger burrs such as cockle-burrs and sand-burrs, use the cleaning card in the pocket located under the Burr Paw logo. Hold the mitt by its tag on a flat surface and scrape.

The Burr Paw is an environmentally friendly product that can be reused indefinitely. It is up to us to stop the spread of invasive species and PlayCleanGo and Burr Paw will help us along the way!

Written by Lindsey Klingbeil

Lindsey Klingbeil’s father Michael invented the Burr Paw after spending hours picking invasive plants off of his clothes every time he went out hunting. His solution—a mitt that removes burrs from clothing, gear, and pets—is a solution he wanted to share with others. Lindsey graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bellevue University. When not traveling around the United States to trade shows, she does marketing and sales for Burr Paw from a buffalo ranch in South Dakota.

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