National Trails System Act Anniversary
Group of friends hiking in nature. Young black man lead the group.

Fifty-three years ago, citizens and legislators who care about outdoor spaces saw the National Trails System Act signed into law. “National historic trails recognize original trails or routes of travel of national historic significance including past routes of exploration, migration, and military action,” the National Park Service says. Starting by establishing the legendary Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail, the legislation has ensured the designation of more than 60,000 miles of trails in all 50 states

Whether wild or cultural, National Scenic Trails or major backpacking routes, trails connect people to places. And where people go, you can expect invasive species to follow. Fortunately, saving the historical and natural species of our trails is easy by taking invasive species prevention steps before each walk:

  • Whether you’re day trekking or backpacking, start the day with clean shoes and gear! Use the PlayCleanGo handheld boot brush to ensure there were no missed seeds or plant parts from your last adventure.
  • Keep invasive species localized by staying on marked and/or designated trails.
  • Clean your tent and hammocks before packing up by brushing off any plant parts, seeds, and dirt.

Happy trails!

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