Three Easy Steps Rock Climbers Can Take to Stop Invasive Species Spread
Steward bigfoot wearing helmet and climbing on red rocks

After a summer on the water, now’s about the time I start planning my fall foliage tourism. Not content to be a mere “leaf peeper,” I pick a travel theme to keep the trips fresh. This year, why not do some rock climbing and get up close and personal with those treetops? 

Now, not every rock climbing spot will have good fall color — out West, or up in the high mountains, evergreen trees aren’t exactly flashing those oranges, golds, and reds I’ve really got my sights on. Eastern North America it is! 

This guide to the best rock climbing in the U.S. has been helpful. I’m thinking Kentucky’s Red River Gorge and Rumney in New Hampshire. Up in Canada, my sights are on the birthplace of Quebec rock climbing, Val-David and the Niagara Escarpment over in Ontario.

Of course, the best guide to rock climbing is the PlayCleanGo guide! Here are tips for an invasive-free climb:

  • Start the day with clean shoes by using the PlayCleanGo handheld boot brush and clean clothes.
  • Before leaving, scrape off dirt and debris from anything that touched the ground, wall, or other surfaces and, if possible, dispose of the debris in plastic bags.
  • As soon as possible, use soap and hot water to wash your hands, clothes, footwear, and anything else that may have touched the ground, wall, or other surfaces.

I believe it was the great philosophers Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell who said, “There ain’t no mountain high enough . . . to keep me from getting to you.” Take that how you will, but I hope to see you climbing among the leaves this fall!


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