You Can’t Out-Nessie Nessie (Your Boat-Cleaning Habits Matter)
FILE #: 307496516 Preview Crop Find Similar The Loch ness monster looks at the birds at sunset.

Since being named the PlayCleanGo spokescreature, I think a lot about how invasive species spread. Then I wonder if I’m even the right cryptid for the job. 

Like, think about Nessie! She stays put in Loch Ness. If an invasive species has hitched a ride on her, that’s pretty bad for the loch where she lives. But Nessie’s a homebody. She’s not moving to new waters! So it’s not like a bad new species would overrun the whole of Scotland. I’m not sure there’s a better example of keeping a monster (or monstrous invasive species) localized. 

Me? I can’t stay put! I’m wandering to different forests, exploring new places on my paddleboard, riding horses willy nilly. Since I’m always on the move, I have to clean my gear and equipment at the end of every outing so invasive weeds, pests, or pathogens don’t spread to new places.

At the end of the day, I guess that’s why I’m a good fit for PlayCleanGo. Because just like you humans, I love all kinds of water and land.

So unless you’re a Nessie, you’re probably taking your motorized boats around to new lochs and lakes before the summer wraps up. If so, our friends at Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers have great tips on how to clean, drain, dry, and dispose of harmful invasive species before you move your boat.


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