Helping Dogs Avoid Ticks has Unexpected Invasive Species Benefits
woman on a hike checking dog for ticks

Tick season is the worst. Whether you’re on a hike with hairy me or your hairy four-legged friends, you gotta know how to avoid ticks while hiking with your dog

But this is kind of cool: Did you know some of the same tricks for getting rid of ticks work for preventing invasive species? Let’s review!

  • Stay on the trail. Ticks hang on to plants, and so do invasive pests and plants seeds. You’ll avoid ticks and keep invasive species populations localized.
  • Clean your footwear with a PlayCleanGo handheld boot brush — and while you’re at it, check your shoes and ankles for wandering ticks!
  • Before leaving a location, clean your footwear, clothes, gear and pets. 

Did you know that when you do your part to keep invasive species localized, you might also help reduce tick-borne illness? Learn more in this paper on ticks and invasive species from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s invasive Species Advisory Committee — and there’s plenty of research out there if you’re interested. 

Thank you for doing your part to Stop Invasive Species in Your Tracks®.


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